Personalized Tracks - Montreal Mega Mission 2017

Personalized Tracks

Here is your guide to building your exciting personal track day in Israel as part of the Montreal Mega Mission. Please choose one of the 35 carefully designed itineraries. Whether you’re a foodie, an adventure-seeker, an art lover, or a history buff, we have an itinerary suited to your interests.

Please note that certain tracks are free of charge, while others have a participation fee*, which is clearly labeled. Certain tracks also have both a minimum and maximum number of participants. Tracks are filled on a first come, first served basis, based on registration. All tracks are subject to change and cancellation. 

*All prices are indicated in USD.

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These are the perfect trips to begin exploring the Holy Land, past and present. Choose from excursions to Jerusalem, Haifa, or Tel Aviv – visiting world-famous sites like Masada and the Dead Sea.

  • Track 1 - Israel 101: Introduction for First-Timers

    Min. 25 participants 
    No additional cost
    • Discover some of the most stunning natural and historical sites in this comprehensive introduction to the holy land!
    • Enjoy spectacular views of the Judean desert and Jordan valley.
    • Ascend Masada and tour King Herod’s private fortress, where you will learn about how a small group of Jewish zealots planned their revolt against the Romans after the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in 70 BCE.
    • Dine at the Dead Sea Spa and don’t miss your chance to “float” in the famously salty water!

  • Track 2 - History of the Land

    Min. 25 participants / Max. 135 participants
    No additional cost
    • Learn about Israel’s War of Independence at the Museum of Underground Prisoners, the Yoav Fortress and Kibbutz Negba.
    • Explore Tel Gezer, a biblical archaeological site midway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv that is now a national park.
    • Visit Mikveh Israel, the first Jewish agricultural school in Israel, which has served not only as a base for the pre-state defense force, the Haganah, but as a home for waves of new immigrant children.

  • Track 3 - Jerusalem of Gold: Go beyond the Old City

    Min. 25 participants
    No additional cost
    • Get an introduction to Jerusalem’s history and architecture, both in and out of the Old City at sites including Mount of Olives, King David Hotel and Mishkenot Sha’ananim.
    • Join leading culinary journalist and television personality Gil Hovav for a unique walking tour of Jerusalem.
    • Admire the twelve brilliantly colored, biblically-themed stained glass Chagall Windows up close at Hadassah University Medical Center’s Abbell Synagogue.

  • Track 4 - Haifa 101: Explore the Haifa region

    Min. 25 participants
    No additional cost
    • Explore dynamic Haifa: enjoy Druze hospitality in a family home, shop in Wadi Nisnas’ bustling shuk, and see the world-famous Bahá’í Gardens, “the Eighth Wonder of the World.”
    • Get a taste of contemporary Israeli society’s diversity during a visit to Katzir, a Jewish community on the border of the Green Line, overlooking the Arab villages of Wadi Ara and Um Al-Fahm.
    • Wander through the labyrinthine alleys of Akko, a strategic port city that once rivaled Alexandria and Constantinople and today boasts a mixed Arab-Jewish population as well as many new olim.
    • Visit Ein Hod, Israel’s only artists’ village, founded by the acclaimed Dada artist Marcel Janco, where residents live and create in every artistic media from the visual arts, to theater, music and literature.

  • Track 5 - Tel Aviv 101

    Min. 25 participants
    No additional cost
    • Shop your way through Tel Aviv’s trendy Carmel Market and mouthwatering Sarona Market.
    • Pay your respects to Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin at Rabin Square, where the fallen peacemaker’s last speech is engraved in Hebrew, Arabic and English.
    • See a veritable Who’s Who of Tel Aviv at the historical Trumpeldor Cemetery, which was established in the early 1900s.



Israel is a leading culinary hotspot – get a taste of all it has to offer! On a culinary adventure not to be missed, we will sample fresh cheeses, gourmet chocolate, top Kurdistani and Moroccan fare, as well as coffee, wine, herbs and spices at Tel Aviv’s scrumptious markets. Or join us for the Wine Culture trip, where we will tour a boutique winery, beer factory, and liquor distillery.

  • Track 6 - Culinary Adventure

    Min. 25 participants / Max. 180 participants
    Additional cost: US $173 per person
    • Sample fresh cheeses at dairy farm Shai Zeltzer, located at the Jerusalem Mountains, and tour Tel Aviv’s markets with chef, food blogger and Haaretz columnist Limo Laniado Tiroche.
    • Indulge in a hands-on chocolate workshop at trendy boutique chocolatier Galita.
    • Tour the beautiful Emek Haela region and visit the homes of its top ethnic cooks to celebrate Kurdistani and Moroccan culture and cuisine.
    • Take a VIP tour of Emek Haela’s outstanding wineries with world-renowned winemakers like Eli Ben Zaken and Israel Flam.

  • Track 7 - Wine Culture: Tasting of Israeli Wine & Spirits

    Min. 25 participants / Max. 135 participants
    Additional cost: US $86 per person
    • Delve into Israel’s wine culture with a visit to Castel Winery’s new estate and a private tour of Bravdo Winery, one of Israel’s leading boutique wineries, led by Prof. Ben Ami Bravdo.
    • Tour Jem’s Beer Factory with the beer master, Jeremy.
    • Taste delicious liquors made from unusual Israeli fruits at the Morad Winery.
    • Discover the secrets behind the famous local spirit Arak, an anise-flavored aperitif, at its distilling plant.



Israel is an international leader in business, and these tracks will showcase the diversity of its offerings. Meet with leaders from the world of high tech and start-up; finance, venture capital and real estate; gas and oil; and biomedical R & D and get behind-the-scenes glimpses of their facilities!

  • Track 8 - Outside the Box: High Tech and Start-Up

    Min. 25 participants / Max. 90 participants
    No additional cost
    Please note: Locations and speakers will differ by bus. 
    • Hear opening remarks from American-Israeli journalist and author Saul Singer, co-writer of Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle, and the former editorial page editor at The Jerusalem Post.
    • Meet with high-tech leaders ranging from Prof. Amnon Shashua (Mobileye) to Daniel Schuldenfri (OrCam Technologies), Oded Ben Dov and Giora Livne (Sesame Enable).
    • Visit SOSA (South of Salame): a community comprised of leaders and innovators in the start-up world.

  • Track 9 - Finance, Venture Capital and Real Estate

    Min. 15 participants / Max. 45 participants
    No additional cost
    • Don’t miss this unique chance to explore potential investment opportunities in Israel.
    • Meet a top Israeli Minister; hear from Chemi (Nechemia) J. Peres, Managing General Partner and Co-Founder of Pitango Venture Capital.
    • Visit the Israeli Stock Exchange with CEO Yossi Benhart.
    • Experience bustling Tel Aviv from the helipad atop the Circular Azrieli Tower.

  • Track 10 - Gas and Oil by Helicopter

    Min. 3 participants / Max. 70 participants
    Additional cost: US $1,955 per person
    • Get an in-depth understanding of the production and exportation process of natural gas in Israel.
    • Hop in a helicopter and travel to the most exciting natural gas production facilities in the country.
    • Fly to the Golan Heights’ oil drilling site.
    • Meet with Dr. Yuval Steinitz (Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Resources) and Amit Bracha (CEO Israel Union for Environmental Defense).

  • Track 11 - Biomedical R&D

    Min. 15 participants / Max. 45 participants
    No additional cost
    • Learn what puts Israel at the forefront of medical research and treatment.
    • Meet with top Biomed R&D projects/companies.
    • Rabbi Dr. Benjamin (Benny) Lau will discuss medical ethical dilemmas in Jewish sources

  • Track 12 - Cyber Security: From Intelligence to Start-Up

    Min. 25 participants / Max. 90 participants 
    No additional cost
    • Visit an IDF elite intelligence base and get a security briefing by a leading IDF intelligence officer.
    • Learn about modern challenges facing Israel: cyber war and beyond.

  • Track 13 - Women in Israel: Sports, Politics, Art and Industry

    Min. 25 participants
    No additional cost
    • Visit the Knesset and share an open discussion about Israeli politics with leading female MKs from a variety of parties.
    • As you meet with news presenters, television hosts, Olympic medalists and businesswomen, see first-hand how women are redefining Israel’s media scene.
    • Talk to world-renowned artist Sigalit Landau, who has represented Israel in the Venice International Art Biennial and participated in numerous international exhibitions.



Get the inside scoop on Israel’s most pressing political issues! During these thought-provoking trips, you will meet with Knesset members, media personalities and correspondents, or individuals with insight into the Palestinian-Israeli relationship.

  • Track 14 - A Day in the Israeli Political Arena

    Min. 25 participants / Max. 90 participants
    No additional cost
    • After a private meeting with leading members of the Knesset, you will have the unique opportunity to take a private tour following their daily schedule.
    • Take an active part in a Knesset simulation to get a better understanding of the Israeli parliament.
    • Meet political and media advisors, starting with TV personality and Galey Tzahal Radio’s senior political correspondent, Idan Kweller.

  • Track 15 - On the Beat: Reporting from Israel

    Min. 25 participants / Max. 90 participants
    Additional cost: US $173 per person
    • Discuss the image and perception of the Middle East in the media with Channel 1 News anchorman Ya’akov Eilon.
    • Talk to Nadav Eyal, Channel 10’s Chief International Correspondent, about fighting antisemitism.
    • Visit international news headquarters and hear from media personalities like Lucy Aharish (an Israeli-Muslim news presenter, reporter and television host) and Raviv Druker (a journalist, political commentator and investigative reporter).

  • Track 16 - FCJA’s An Insider View of Israel Advocacy: Presented by CIJA

    Min. 3 participants / Max. 40 participants
    Additional cost: US $25 per person
    • Get a compelling overview on this explosive region from (res.) Dr. Eran Lerman,former Deputy National Security Advisor for Foreign Policy and International Affairs.
    • Hear opposing views from an ambassador and different members of the Knesset.
    • Learn about the Palestinian perspective from the Canadian Representative Office to the Palestinian Authority and a former Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority.
    • Be privy to an off-the-record briefing and discussion with Israeli Diplomats at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



Israel’s dynamic art scene is just as active in the galleries as is it on the streets. This track will give you a unique chance to interact with renowned contemporary artists of all stripes, in a variety of inspiring locations! Take master classes and vocal workshops with legendary musicians; get acquainted with the next generation of Israeli fashion designers; check out art schools, museums, markets and galleries; take a hands-on photography or graffiti art workshop.

  • Track 17 - Musicians & Songs: Music Workshops and Master Classes

    Min. 25 participants
    Additional cost: US $173 per person
    • Take a Master Class with beloved musician Danny Sanderson, a founding member of Kaveret, “the Beatles of Israel.”
    • Meet Riff Cohen, an Israeli singer of French-Algerian and Tunisian descent who uses music to wrestle with issues of identity and belonging.
    • Take a vocal workshop with Victoria Hanna, a fixture of the indie Jewish spiritual music scene who draws inspiration from ancient Jewish texts and a childhood speech impediment.
    • Explore percussion and music with Eylon Nuphar, a multitalented performer and the co-founder of eclectic performing group The Mayumana Ensemble.

  • Track 18 - Fashion & Design: From Studio to Runway

    Min. 25 participants / Max. 90 participants
    Additional cost: US $173 per person
    • Visit Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Israel’s national school of art and meet with the next generation of acclaimed Israeli designers, then get a VIP tour of the Design Museum Holon.
    • Meet Maya Negri, one of Israel’s leading fashion designers.
    • Visit Maskit with designer Sharon Tal, the face of the brand’s revival.
    • Walk and shop with Tel Aviv-ian fashion blogger Korin Avraham.

  • Track 19 - Photography & The Land: Hands-On Workshop and Tour

    Min. 25 participants / Max. 45 participants
    Additional cost: US $115 per person
    • Meet photojournalist and street photographer Alex Levac, a self-described “anthropologist of the street” and “paparazzi of the anonymous.”
    • Take a photography workshop designed for amateur photographers of all levels, then use the new tips and techniques while exploring picturesque spots between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
    • Enjoy a guided visit at one of Tel Aviv’s celebrated photography galleries.

  • Track 20 - The Art of Graffiti: Politics, Art & Culture

    Min. 25 participants / Max. 25 participants
    Additional cost: US $57 per person
    • Take walking tours of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv’s political graffiti, including the hidden graffiti at Machneh Yehuda market.
    • Discuss Written on the Wall with author Gail Hareven and artist Aliza Olmert.
    • Take a hands-on graffiti art workshop.

  • Track 21 - Art & Artists: Explore the Israeli Art Scene

    Min. 25 participants
    Additional cost: US $58 per person
    • Visit Barbur Gallery – an independent, nonprofit space for art – and meet promising young local artists.
    • See YouMake ReMake: a unique and multi-disciplinary performance inspired by YouTube videos.
    • Take a graffiti art-themed walking tour as well as a tour of Machneh Yehuda market with an acclaimed Israeli chef and a leading artist and designer.
    • Meet Amit Shimoni, the artist behind Hipstory.



Israelis are known over the world for their love of physical fitness and the outdoors. This track gives you the chance to get active at any level with cycling, hiking, caving, rappelling; beach and water activities; yoga and tai-chi; a spa day and more!

  • Track 22 - The Best of the Mediterranean: Beach Activities

    Min. 25 participants
    Additional cost: US $173 per person
    • Embrace your inner beach bum with an eclectic mix of sea and sand activities.
    • Strap on your snorkel and go scuba diving, enjoy the traditional Israeli sport of Hasake, ride a catamaran, or breathe the fresh air on a sea kayak.
    • Back on dry land, take part in a game of beach volleyball or Matkot, Israel’s unofficial national sport.

  • Track 23 - Outdoor Training: Rugged Terrain Exploration and Adventure

    Min. 25 participants
    No additional cost
    • Test your navigation, focus, and running skills in a high energy orienteering competition.
    • Improve team-building and leadership with a sequence of physical tests in the wilderness that must be passed as a group or as individuals.
    • Conquer the rope course park at the Ariel National Center for Leadership Development, learning to overcome fear and trust your team as you climb apparatuses with names like The Odyssey and The Leap of Faith.

  • Track 24 - Dynamic Outdoor Israel: A Scenic Hike

    Min. 25 participants
    No additional cost
    • Explore Wadi Kelt on a scenic hike that will take you through a deep desert gorge (with perfect water for a swim), past a cluster of caves used by ancient hermit monks, and to several spectacular historical monuments and archaeological remains.
    • Cross Wadi Kelt on a pedestrian bridge (imagined by many to be the Valley of the Shadow of Death) to St. George’s Monastery, a striking sixth-century cliffhanging complex that is still actively inhabited by Greek Orthodox monks today.
    • Climb up to the ruins of Herod’s famous fortress in Cypros, overlooking the Jerusalem-Jericho highway and with a spectacular view of the Jericho Plain and the Dead Sea.

  • Track 25 - Advanced Biking: For the Seasoned Rider

    Min. 10 participants
    Additional cost: To be determined according to participants biking level (as advanced biking cost vary according to gear demands)
    • Brave the hot Israeli sun and challenge yourself to a cycling trip you won’t soon forget.
    • Take part in an expert 90-100 km bike ride from the Dead Sea’s northern edge to Masada.
    • After all of the action, relax on the beach or “float” in the salty waters of the Dead Sea.

  • Track 26 - The Great Biking Adventure: Leisurely Ride for all Levels

    Min. 25 participants
    Additional cost: US $69 per person
    • Survey Israel’s magnificent scenery as you ride through the Adullum Grove Nature Reserve, with its chalk hills, pastoral valleys, and archaeological sites.
    • Bike to Burma Road, a legendary bypass road created during Israel’s War for Independence, when the Arab Legion had blockaded the main route in and out of Jerusalem, effectively cutting off the city’s supply of food, ammunitions and re-enforcements.

  • Track 27 - Extreme Sports: Caving and Rappelling

    Min. 25 participants
    Additional cost: US $86 per person
    • Fortune favors the bold. Push your body to its limits as you rappel through the dry waterfalls of Nachal Tur, ending near the beach of the Dead Sea.
    • Go spelunking in Haritun Cave, a vast network of dwellings carved into the mountainside by Byzantine monks, said to be the largest system of its kind in the Middle East.
    • Your hard work will be amply rewarded with breathtaking views and heroic tales of glory.

  • Track 28 - Mind, Body and Spirit: Spa Day

    Min. 10 participants 
    Additional cost: US $115 per person* 
    *Spa treatments are not included in the price
    • Start your day with a yoga or tai-chi lesson in the fresh air of the Jerusalem Mountains overlooking a majestic desert panorama.
    • Visit the Tur-Sinai Organic Farm, nestled into the Emek Ha’arazim (Valley of the Cedars) near Jerusalem, and learn about medicinal herbs, fruit trees, permaculture and history.
    • Pamper yourself at Cramim, anew spa and wine hotel near Jerusalem that features unique vino-therapy treatments.
    • End your day with a tour and wine-tasting at one of the area’s boutique wineries.



See why they call Israel the Holy Land! Tour the 100 She’arim neighborhood and learn about the Haredi community; visit holy sites like the Temple Mount, the Bahá’í Gardens, and the Latrun monastery; or travel to the final resting spots of Judaism’s revered sages in the tradition of kivrei tzadikim.

  • Track 29 - All Things Haredi

    Min. 25 participants
    No additional cost
    • Meet Sivan Rahav Meir from Channel 2 to discuss the everyday life, leadership and role of ultra-Orthodox communities within Israeli society.
    • Tour the Haredi neighborhood 100 She’arim.
    • Learn about Bat Melech, the only shelter for religious victims of domestic violence in Israel.
    • Meet with Devorah and Refael, a Haredi couple who left the community together with their six kids, and made it to the un-Orthodox world.

  • Track 30 - Religions and Religious Centres

    Min. 25 participants
    No additional cost
    • Visit the Temple Mount, one of the holiest sites in Judaism, Christianity and Islam (Security permitting).
    • Visit the Latrun Monastery – the monastery of the Silent Monks.
    • Experience the warm hospitality of the Druze firsthand at their center in Carmel, Haifa.
    • Explore the Bahá’í Gardens, “The Eighth Wonder of the World” and an UNESCO World Heritage site, which combine geometrical shapes and exquisite detailing with natural and historic landscape features.

  • Track 31 - Kivrei Tzadikim: Resting Places of our Most Righteous Sages

    Min. 25 participants
    No additional cost
    • Explore the rituals, revelries and tradition of kivrei tzadikim—visiting and praying at the burial sites of our righteous sages—with Dr. Shlomo Guzman Carmeli.
    • Visit Kever Shimon haTzadik (Tomb of Simeon the Righteous) in Jerusalem.
    • Visit Kever Rachel (Rachel’s Tomb) in Bethlehem, the burial place of Jacob’s wife, which has been immortalized in photographs, paintings and numerous souvenirs.
    • Visit Kever Raban Gamliel in Yavneh, head of the Jews in Palestine during the last two decades of the first and at the beginning of the second century, and Kever Baba Sali in Netivot, a leading Moroccan Sephardic rabbi and kabbalist known to work miracles through his prayers.


    Min. 15 participants
    Additional cost: $100 per person
    • Engage in an open discussion with students and faculty at the Shalom Hartman Institute, a pluralistic research and education centre redefining the conversation about Judaism and Jewish life.
    • Drive to Ein Prat Academy and meet celebrated thinker and teacher, Dr. Micah Goodman.
    • Participate in a text study with the Beit Midrash fellows at Alma – a leader in the movement to reclaim and revive the studies of traditional Jewish texts and heritage, founded by Ruth Calderon.
    • Tour the beautifully renovated Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv, which features a huge dome and magnificent stained glass windows, and explore the valley outside Jerusalem where David battled Goliath.



Given the complex geopolitical situation in the Middle East, it’s no wonder that Israel has a highly-developed counter-terrorism network. During these security-themed trips, you can participate in a MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) session; meet with special IDF units; visit contested border regions near Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza; and learn more about security challenges from military and media figures.

  • Track 33 - Counter-Terrorism Training Bootcamp

    Min. 25 participants / Max. 80 participants
    Additional cost: US $173 per person
    • Get a feel for what it’s like to serve in the IDF.
    • Participate in Military Operations in Urban Terrain training session, which includes shooting, hand-to-hand combat techniques (Krav Maga) and Israeli Counter-terrorism tactics. All instructors have real battlefield experience and are weapons experts.
    • Cross a scenic valley at Deerland Adventure Park on the second longest zip line in the world (600 meters long and 120 meters high).

  • Track 34 - A Day in the Life of an IDF Special Unit

    Min. 30 participants / Max. 90 participants
    Additional cost: US $250 per person
    • Visit some of the fascinating IDF special units: 8200, Oketz, Magav, 669.
    • Meet with soldiers and officers and participate in a simulated military briefing.
    • Experience the challenges IDF soldiers are facing on a day to day basis.

  • Track 35 - Geopolitical Security Challenges

    Min. 25 participants / Max. 90 participants
    Additional cost: US $115 per person
    • Take a Geopolitical tour of Jerusalem and its surroundings.
    • Hear from Prof. Uzi Rabi at the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern Studies (Tel Aviv University) and Alon Ben-David, an Israeli television and print journalist and senior defense correspondent for Israel’s Channel 10 News, in Sderot.
    • Learn about Aeronautics LTD, which specializes in providing comprehensive Defense Solutions.

  • Track 36-1 - Security, Defense and Nature by Helicopter (OPTION 1: Mount Hermon and the Northern Border)

    Min. 3 participants / Max. 70 participants
    Additional cost: US $1,955 per person
    • Ascend Mount Hermon by cable car for a once-in-a-lifetime tour with the IDF Alpine Elite Unit.
    • Arrive at the IDF outpost at Israel’s highest peak for a security briefing about Syria and current events.
    • Next, fly to Mount Adir for a spectacular view of Lebanon.
    • Cap it all off with a wine tasting at one of the Galilee boutique wineries before flying back to Tel Aviv.

  • Track 36-2 - Security, Defense and Nature by Helicopter (OPTION 2: Adventure Seeker)

    Min. 3 participants
    Additional cost: US $1,955 per person
    • Get a better understanding of the current political situation, and the life of residents, at the Gaza Border.
    • Tap into your inner thrill-seeker: zip down sand dunes at Sand Ski, land in the middle of a crater in Mitzpe Ramon, and take an adventure jeep ride.
    • Before heading back to Tel Aviv, enjoy lunch at the Beresheet Hotel, and a wine tasting at Nana wine farm.

We hope to accommodate your top choice, but will do so on a first come, first served basis, based on registration. Please note, all tracks are subject to change and cancellation. 

For any questions about the personal track days, please call our Mega Mission team at 514.345.2017

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